Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Good to Feel Used!

This past Sunday I had the privilege of speaking in church.  The questions were "does God still call us?" and "does God still use us?".  I knew my answer was absolutely "yes", and I went on to give my thoughts on how and why God calls us and uses us.  And as I continue to ponder those questions, I realize that it applies to more than just my spiritual/religious beliefs.  Regardless of your religious beliefs.... these questions still hold true.  Remove the word God and the questions become "are we called?" and "can we be used?"  And my answer is still absolutely YES!

I truly believe teaching is a calling.  Regardless of what our communities, media, politicians and education reformers would have us belief, not just ANYONE can teach.  The old adage "Those who can, do.  Those who can't, teach" was most likely written by someone who never stepped foot inside a classroom as a teacher.  I know we can all probably remember the moment we knew that we were going to be a teacher, that we just knew we were "called" to this profession of little money, fame, fortune or respect, but filled with so much enjoyment, fulfillment, excitement and challenges.  Those who do not feel called to teaching will most likely not last long in the profession.  

Being called is one thing, but is okay to be "used"?  Does anyone ever want to feel like they are being used?  YES!!  Please use me..... use my skills, knowledge, gifts, talents, experience, excitement, vision, curiosity, love of learning.  Nothing makes me happier than being used!  I have a true passion for teaching.  I love my students.  I love watching the grow, learn, develop and being a part of their life journey.  But I also have a passion for sharing with my colleagues and participating in our joint growth as educators.  It is how we all become better at what we do.  It's how we gain more knowledge and experience to ultimately help our students.  I love to present at staff development workshops, I love sharing on Twitter, I love mentoring new teachers/student teachers, I love presenting at professional conferences and I love collaborating with my peers.  I love being used!  

We all have so much to share with each other; so many skills, insights, wisdom, projects, gifts, thoughts and experiences.  So, it's OKAY to feel used!  It's good to be used! I challenge you to go out there and tell your colleagues, administrators, coordinators, LRC directors, IT directors.... anyone who will listen that you want to feel used.  Let people know you want to share with others and learn from others as well.  I bet they will take you up on your offer, and you can enjoy the feeling of "being used"!


  1. Called and used - I completely agree. I feel compelled to offer my skills, talents, gifts, and resources to help the kids mature as learners. Since I am freely offering mself, I wouldn't feel taken advantage of (or used). I'm still able to set appropriate boundaries as needed, so I can also function in my roles as husband, father, follower, and friend. Thanks for your thoughts, and your example!

  2. Great teachers both feel the calling and desire to be used to help students grow and learn through them! Thanks!